5 Hairstyles for the Parties!

30 Nov

Surfing the net, we saw an interesting article of 5 creative hairstyles that can be used without any problem in this Christmas and New Year!

 Let’s See:

‘Bouffant Bun’, a hairstyle super easy to do, which is a high bun, and that will give you a super elegant touch.


‘Casual French Twist’, this is similar to the previous ,but one that does not call much attention. This is perfect if you want to be more relaxed without losing the sensual, lol.


‘Va-Va-Volume!’, Sensual, bold, daring, wild waves will be perfect if you want to focus attention entirely on these 2 parties.


‘Embellished Headband’, undoubtedly chic style, with hair and loose lasio accompanied by a headband, is spectacular!


‘Multiple-Braid Bun’, the latter is the most elavorado look but not impossible to comb, lol. These braids gonna relive your dress of the end of year to complete, never fails!


Ok, that’s all for this new ‘Fashion & Beauty Tips’. We hope you’ve liked and to implement these incredible hairstyles, easy to do, to be a goddess in this 24 and December 31!

And then do not forget to tell us how you was with these looks!


Fuente: Yahoo ‘Shine’.


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