‘The Best of the Month’, November Edition ♥

2 Dec

In this 2nd ‘Best of the Month’, is ranking: 

The Best Video

We consider the best video of November was the trailer for ‘The Lucky One’, the new Zac Efron film, which promises to be awesome!, Congratulations Zac!

The Best Picture

For the best photo, we have Miley Cyrus, teaching us to accept ourselves so we did not have to import the opinion of others. We love you Miley.

Make Click on the image to see the rest of the Post.


The Best Post

Sure you are thinking like me!, Yeah!, in the Marriage of Tiffany & Christopher, where they share a mutual love with a super romantic photos!

Click on the Image to see the full post

The Best Magazine Cover

And the Best Cover is starring Sisters K for GLAMOUR Magazine, of course was the most prominent. Super funny and sexy give us an amazing production of photos. Where also the girls, especially Kim, tell us your perspective on their love life.

 Click on the Cover to see the other photos of the Magazine

Well, hope you have enjoyed this ‘Best of the Month’. We will add more categories, and we will improve each month.


Remember you can send your views on this post and others sending an email to: TheGlitterAndGlamour@yahoo.es or going to the ‘Write Us!’ Section.


Thank you very much for the choice us again, XOXO


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