7 Dec

At last!, The highly anticipated movie premiered last night at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood!

It was a night full of luxury celebrities including ‘Fergie’, Ryan Seacrest,

Now let’s see the stars highlights:


Lea & Ashton

Lea was beautiful and super excited as it was her 1st premiere!, Fellow Glee accompanied her tonight.

Took photos with Ashton, he was very relaxed and funny with Michele, and their chemistry was born from his scenes in the film.

Abigail Breslin

Abigail became known for her starring in ‘Little Miss Sunshine’, which was nominated for an Oscar.

The youngest of the cast looked very elegant and angelic. Another fact we can say is that Breslin IS ZATTACKER!, YEAH!,Abigail is a super fan of Zac!. She not had the opportunity to shoot with him so when she heard that was there, SHE DROPPED THE TEARS!, Awwwn so tender!, I think we would do the same!, LOL

See the full Interview!


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