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January: Britney’s month TT!

25 Jan

Not yet finished the 1st month of the year and the pop princess not stop to collect Trending Topics worldwide!

Among the hashtags most tweeted were:  #WeWantAKatyAndBritneyDuet#Britney Is My Inspiration #We Luv Britney #Britney Is Our Queen #Britney’s Army Is On A Mission #Buy Femme Fatale #Hot as Britney and A LOT MORE!


Wow!, the Team-B are into pure energy!


World Premiere of Cyrus New Music Video!

23 Jan


Yess, our Miley surprises us with a new music video feat. Johnz West!.

No doubt this is the year of Cyrus, full of new music, new movie and new hits!

We really can’t wait to see everything that Miley will surprise…

And no wait more…this is the video, lol:

LOL: Official Trailer + TT Smiler!

12 Jan


Yesss!, LOL: Laughing Out ​​Loud, Miley’s new movie releases his 1st Official Trailer. Enjoy:


The Smilers like crazy, we show how excited we were, we get this TT Worldwide: # LOLTrailerIsOut ! Credit ScreenShot: =)


And to end this post, we show 2 pictures of her other new movie ‘So Undercover’.



Zac at a meeting in Beverly Hills.

10 Jan

Efron was photographed leaving an office building after meeting with friends, on Monday 9. We hope that he has had an amazing New Year’s Eve!