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Administration Communique♥

1 May

Hello GlitzReader!, As you have seen, several days ago that our team is not publishing on the weblog!, For issues of TIME.

So we want to inform you that we are in a small Break, in which in a few days we’ll be back READY AND WITH THE AVAILABILITY THAT REQUIRES THIS BLOG, KEEPING OUR PROFESSIONALISM AND GLITZ TOUCH THAT CHARACTERIZE US.

Keep visiting Glitter&Glamour and see you in a few days!. Thanks you for continue choosing us!


Affiliation is now available!

5 Mar

We wanted to inform  that the affiliate section of sites is available. You must follow the rules and complete the form if you are accepted you can select our buttons to insert it in your website.


New headers♥ and some buttons were designed by

Not A Single Song


Click here to enter Section Affiliation

Happy New Year!

31 Dec


Hi! just wanted to dedicate a small words to our visitors from late August when we got their love, respect and criticism that helped us grow. I really wish them a Happy New Year, FULL OF JOY, PEACE, LOVE, MUSIC, LAUGHER, FUN AND MORE… BECAUSE WE MUST ENJOY, CELEBRATE THE LIFE AND GIVE THANK EVERYTHING THAT WE HAVE AND THE FACT THAT WE ARE ALIVE EVERY DAY…because as our dear Zac says, ‘YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE’. Thank you and see you next year with more Glitter & Glamour…WE LOVE YOU!


How to subscribe?

2 Dec

Many visitors have asked, How I can subscribe to the blog?.

We are now going to explain where and how to subscribe.


Glitter&Glamour has a feature called ‘Email Subscription’, in which all visitors as the name says, you can subscribe to the blog, just enter your email address (it accepts any account). Once registered you can receives a summary of all our updates on the blog, including new sections!, And that it’s!


Thanks, ‘G&G’ Administration

Contact Us

28 Nov

Hello!, we head to visitors to inform them that you can contact us in the classic way in our section Write Us! and / or our new official email account that is more sure that we read it, because we try to answer that we can all the comments sent to us.


Thank you very much, Glitter & Glamour Administration


Official Mail: TheGlitterAndGlamour@yahoo.es